Trust and Probate Attorney

Distribution of an estate of any size requires careful handling to avoid family disputes and to ensure that the wishes of the decedent are followed. We at Brockway Law maintain that where family disputes are sometimes unavoidable, the wishes of the decedent must be respected.

Brockway Law understands that after a loved one has passed away family dynamics often surge to an all-time high. Such dynamics can make an executor or trustees’ already demanding role even more challenging. This is why we at Brockway Law encourage you to contact our Santa Rosa office if you are the executor or trustee of an estate.

An appointed executor or trustee requires guidance in adhering to the duties and liabilities imparted by the California Probate Code. Giuliana V. Brockway is a Sonoma County trust and estate administration attorney who has a strong base of knowledge about estate law and procedures. Giuliana has helped numerous clients with estate administration, trust administration, and probate matters. When a trust needs administration or a will goes through Probate, the law firm of Brockway Law is ready to lend legal assistance to trustees and executors.

Brockway Law

A Santa Rosa, California law firm, Brockway Law understands family dynamics and the importance of protecting valuable family assets and property. Giuliana V. Brockway has a professional history focused on Trust and Estate Law experience, in both the transactional and litigation arenas. When dealing with trust or probate matters, a law firm focused on Trust and Estate Law is a client’s best asset.

Sonoma County Estate Administration Lawyer

Estate administration is often an activity under Probate Court scrutiny, which is why administrators turn to Brockway Law. Likewise, Giuliana V. Brockway also represents heirs and beneficiaries of estates and trusts, seeking strong legal advocacy to represent their interests in an estate or trust proceeding. Beneficiaries and heirs have rights to information, to financial data, and to timely administration. Although you may not have been appointed the trustee, or nominated to be the executor, as a beneficiary of a trust or estate, you have rights and protections under the California Probate Code. Brockway Law is a Sonoma County firm ready to aggressively advocate for your family’s rights, and the wishes of the decedent.

I have worked with Giuliana and she has always been professional and knowledgeable. I very confidently refer my clients to her for their Trust needs. She is compassionate and caring.